Erin Coffin


Erin Coffin grew up in Palmdale California.  Growing up so close to Edwards Air Force Base she was introduced to aviation at a young age.  When she was 10 years old she decided to be an air traffic controller.  Ms. Coffin attended Cabrillo High School in Lompoc, California, Home of the Conquistadors.  She was the manager of the wrestling team and an accomplished varsity diver on Conquistador Swimming and Diving Team.  Erin graduated with an impressive 3.8 GPA in 2011.

After graduating high school, Erin chose to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage.  In December 2013 she received her associates degree in Air Traffic Control.  She is currently working on a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  In the future she plans on finishing her private pilots license, having 20 hours in the seat toward its completion.

When Erin is not in school or working for Medallion she likes to be outside fishing, hiking or snowboarding.