About Medallion


Changing Attitudes | Changing Safety Cultures

LAC Herc on AttuThe Medallion Foundation, a non-profit aviation safety organization, embraces mentors and advocates for all aspects of aviation:  Student pilots to airline management.  Our programs and services are designed to enhance aviation safety through multiple avenues, such as the highly sought after Shield® award, education and advocacy programs, and numerous initiatives in cooperation with industry and the FAA, expanding expectations and performance of enhanced safety cultures.

Our core mission of reducing aviation accidents in Alaska and beyond is fostered through one-on-one mentoring, auditing, education and continuous improvement.  We elevate aviation safety by the conscious endeavor of all our participating members, and help them sustain exceptional safety performance through the application of Safety Management System principles.

The Medallion Shield® program is built on elements which exceed regulatory standards.  Our operators recognize and value the impact on their organizations, both financially through a reduction in accidents, incidents and near misses, and culturally through shifting and sustaining positive safety attitudes among their personnel.

Working with industries that use aviation services, we promote and establish high standards in aviation safety awareness with both the industry and each of their aviation providers.

As a premier test bed for many FAA pilot projects, we are proven leaders in developing and assisting small operators with scalable safety management programs.  Our CFI/DPE initiative led the industry in scenario based training before directed in the Practical Test Standards requirements.  By providing pilots across Alaska with free aircraft training devices and simulators, fatal accident rates have decreased.  Passengers are now more educated about the operator they choose to fly with, in part to the Circle of Safety® program.

We continue to educate, mentor and advocate for our primary Alaska audiences while expanding our years of success into other aviation markets.