Shield Program


We offer a flexible, scalable standard of safety that is unsurpassed in the aviation industry.

Voluntary in nature, the Medallion Foundation Shield Program® focuses on establishing and sustaining an elevated level of safety performance through the application of system safety and safety management system principles.  Whether you are a part 135, part 121 or 91 operator, we help you develop and promote:
•    A safety culture that holds safety as a core value
•    Continuous professional development of individual skills and competence
•    Proactive sharing of operational control responsibilities
•    Hazard identification and risk management techniques and trend analysis
•    Management practices that support the organization’s safety objectives

Each of the Stars represents the cornerstones of the Medallion Shield.  Our program is a step-by-step approach to building a safety management system by providing program and process guidelines, specific training classes, one-on-one company mentoring and auditing to determine if the member meets the specific program requirements.  We conduct a final external audit to determine whether the member has incorporated the concepts into its organizational culture.  Audits are conducted annually by Medallion's independent auditors to ensure the member is maintaining the required Medallion standards.

Membership in Medallion is required to participate in the Shield Program.  Value-added benefits include reduced insurance rates, cross promotional marketing of Shield carriers and recognition by DOD, OGP and the FAA as an operator who incorporates higher standards of safety than required by regulations.

medal_shielfThe Medallion Shield

The culmination of all the star cornerstones, an operator who is eligible for the Shield is evaluated on engagement and support of the corporate safety culture by company management and front-line employees to determine if the concepts associated with the Stars are successfully incorporated into day-to-day company operations.

The Cornerstones

CFIT Avoidance
The member builds an effective training program for all pilots which is a combination of classroom training blended with an ATD or Simulator scenario-based curriculum in the recognition, avoidance and operational aspects of flying in areas of flat-light, white-out, and deteriorating weather conditions. 

Operational Control
Through the use of analytical tools and a system of checks and balances to identify hazards, manage risks and monitor trends, we assist the member with building and establishing a proactive and effective operational risk management system that considers all the hazards unique to each operator.  Shared decision making starts with management establishing the limits of the risks involved.  The pilot and the flight follower or dispatcher then work together to determine whether or not the flight or series of flights fall within the parameters set.  As the risk level increases, appropriate management involvement becomes the cornerstone in reducing the risk for the flight. We provide a one-on-one management course in Flight Risk Management. 

Maintenance and Ground Service
Focusing on quality assurance in maintenance and ground service departments, operators will develop and implement a proactive surveillance program.  Operators incorporate hazard identification, risk management, personnel training requirements, as well as management involvement and continuous improvement.

A company-wide safety program that is practical, scalable and establishes effective safety policies and procedures.  Top management commitment supports a non-punitive and anonymous safety reporting system.  Safety committees and meetings and distribution of safety information which has been collected by the carrier are key components of the safety program.  The emergency response plan ensures the operator is adequately prepared should any part of their system fail.

Internal Evaluation
We assist you in developing a process-based proactive system focusing on System Safety and SMS principles, Medallion guidelines and individual company policies and procedures.

The ASAP Star is a separate stand-alone program that gives guidance for our carriers to internally manage their ASAP data, provide trained and qualified ERC members and alternates, train participating staff members on ASAP reporting and provide a central point of contact for the Medallion ASAP Manager.  The ASAP star requires regular audits of training records and event review participation, company goals in ASAP reporting and a review with the Accountable Executive.