ATDs and Simulators


Medallion Aviation Training Devices (ATDs) and Simulators provide student pilots and certificated pilots the opportunity to practice and hone their skills against some of the toughest Alaska flying scenarios in a safe, threat free environment.  Offered to all qualified users most are free of charge, we have 9 locations throughout Alaska and a total of 24 BATD and AATDs.

Unique to Medallion simulators are the enhanced graphic depictions of numerous Alaska mountain passes  and fine-tuned weather conditions that have proved a threat to many an aviator.

Single engine, multi-engine, Turbo-Prop, Jet or helicopter – We have it!  PLUS, take advantage of some tail-wheel time in our full-motion Super Cub Simulator.

New DCX-Max Motion base simulator                                                                                                                                        
This five screen simulator features a two crew configuration with instructor station. Can be setup for single engine, multi-engine, turbo-prop or jet with traditional instrument panel or a glass cockpit for training in CRM, ADM, or company developed scenarios. There is an hourly change for this simulator.

Also new to our line-up is VAMPIRE! Come try out the many new aircraft recently added to ATD #1. Now available to fly are the following: BN 2 Islander, CASA 235, DC3, DC9, King Air 350, Lake Amphibian, Q400, Skyvan, T33, Twin Otter, Vampire and 737BBJ.

Schedule Today
Scheduling time to use one of our training devices is as simple as logging into our secure access to Flight Schedule Pro.  If you don’t already have access, log in and create your user name and password.  After our office approves you as a user, you are free to schedule your training time to meet your schedule. When scheduling the FLYIT Helicopter or the SuperCub PA-18, we will need to make sure we have staffing available to assist you in start-up and shut-down procedures.

Typical Questions
(Q) Do I need a flight instructor to use these devices?
(A) No, unless you are trying to log recordable flight time in accordance with the authorization of the devices and 14 CFR 61.4.

(Q) Do I have to be a flight instructor to use the FLYIT Helicopter or the SuperCub PA-18?
(A) No. All of our training devices are available to all qualified users.

(Q) I have never used one of your devices before.  Do I need special instructions?
(A) Initially view the video available for the particular device you intend to use.  Then follow the checklist instructions available at every location to start-up, shut-down, and manage the aircraft, scenery and weather optimizations.