ASAP Program


In cooperation with the FAA and qualified Medallion participating members, the Medallion Foundation has established an ASAP for Cabin Crews, Dispatchers, Flight Crews, Maintainers, and Ground Crews.

Since its inception over 1400 reports have been filed.  Of those, the FAA would not have known about 95% of these incidents.  And through the reporting and event review committee processes, 65-75% have led to changes in either operations or maintenance manuals or both.

This voluntary, self-reporting program is designed to identify and reduce possible safety concerns and issues.  Employee input provides the data for identifying significant safety concerns and issues, operational deficiencies, non-compliance with regulations, unusual events and deviations from company policies and procedures.

In partnership Air Carrier management, employee representatives and the FAA, each report is investigated and corrective actions are developed based on a non-disciplinary approach to safety.

De-identified safety information and corrective actions are shared monthly among participating carriers to enhance safety awareness.

Medallion has developed, through the ASAP process, a set of “Best Practices” of effective corrective actions.  These are shared monthly with all ASAP participants.

Partners in Safety

Air Excursions
Alaska Air Transit
Kalinin, Inc. (dba Alaska Seaplanes)
Columbia Helicopters, Inc.
Corvus Airlines
Grant Aviation
Hageland Aviation
Mission Aviation Repair Center
Northern Air Cargo
Pathfinder Aviation
Taquan Air
Tatonduk Outfitters, Inc.(dba Everts Air Cargo and Everts Air Alaska)
Warbelow's Air Ventures
Wings Airways
Wright Air Service