Services and Programs


For more than a decade, the Medallion Foundation has been providing services and programs to the aviation community to assist each in achieving a higher level of safety.  Some of these services and programs are free or at a minimum charge to our customers.  Our talented, energetic and experience staff provide leadership to the industry through training, safety culture enhancements, advocacy, mentoring and auditing.

Shield Program

NAC N322DL 732 smA flexible, scalable standard of safety unsurpassed in the industry, this voluntary program designed to improve and enhance aviation safety culture.  We work with operators to train and design programs which create greater accountability and oversight at all levels of the organization.  Medallion annually audits each operator on their own compliance with their programs and Medallion standards. 
Each of the five cornerstones of the Medallion Shield Program establish and sustain an elevated level of safety performance through the application of system safety and safety management system principles.  These cornerstones provide enhancements to an operator's operational control, flight training through CFIT avoidance, maintenance and ground service, safety and internal evaluation programs.
The culimination of the program is the Medallion Shield.  This is earned by the operator who is found to show management engagement and support, a strong corporate safety culture, and in the front-line employees who demonstrate that the components of the program are successfully incorporated into day-to-day company operations.

 ATDs & Simulators

We encourage all flight instructors and designated pilot examiners to promote the use of ATDs and Simulators for scenario based training.  Available free to anyone with a student pilot certificate or better, these devices provide everyone with the opportunity to practice decision making skills and professional airmanship standards, resulting in fewer accidents and incidents throughout the aviation industry. 
Use of the PA-18 and Fly-It Helicopter allow practice in unique and difficult techniques such as those applied to off-airport operations, developing good decision making skills and practice in a safe, non-threatening environment.
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Enhanced Aviation Safety Auditing

A service provided to not only the aviation industry, but other industries utilizing aviation services in order to perform their business.  In addition to evaluating the safe policies and practices of any operator, we will work with them to develop and improve their own system with our time-honored and established safety programs.  Return to Top →

Crew and Single Pilot Resource Management

Driven by recent regulation, training for smaller operators (part 135) now requires crew resource management.  Medallion provides training in the key concepts and elements of CRM and SPRM via an on-line learning environment.


Maintaining our focus on aviation safety, Medallion offers a variety of courses for the operator and individual alike.  Classroom style training provides a dynamic, interactive environment where students and instructors frequently work realistic scenarios to enhance the training topic.
Typical subjects covered regularly include System Safety, Safety Management Systems Basics, TapRoot (available only to Medallion Members), Flight Risk Management for Managers and Safety Manager Basics.
Virtual classroom training is conducted through our Medallion Learning Center. 
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Fatal and Serious Injury Prevention

FSI P Claus smCreating a heightened awareness of the accidents and incidents that occur during the landing and/or take-off phases of flight, we are introducing techniques, practices and equipment that may help in reducing the accidents that result in fatal and serious injuries.  Consider including harness restraint systems, STC airbags, 406 MHz ELTs, Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs), helmets, and/or float coats into your standard aircraft and personal emergency equipment list.

CFI/DPE Initiative

In conjunction with use of the various flight training devices and simulators, such as the PA-18 (Super Cub) and Fly-It Helicopter Simulator, instructors and students can work together at identifying and correct deficiencies in airmanship and standards.  Use of the PA-18 and Fly-It Helicopter allow practice in unique and difficult techniques such as those applied to off-airport operations, developing good decision making skills and practice in a safe, non-threatening environment.  Return to Top →

Aviation Safety Action Program

Provides member operators’ employees with the ability to voluntarily self-disclose.  With the cooperation of the FAA and employee representatives, Medallion functions as a facilitator between the FAA and the operator to develop a corrective action plan or fix to enhance the existing safety systems within the organization.  Designed to be non-punitive in nature, de-identified safety information and corrective actions are shared among all participating carriers.  Return to Top →

Circle of Safety

A cooperative initiative with the FAA Safety Team to increase awareness among passengers of their rights and responsibilities when flying.  This consumer education campaign encourages the aviation passenger to choose their aviation provider wisely; to prepare well for each flight; to pay attention during boarding and throughout the flight; and to take appropriate action when required.