Jerry Rock, Executive Director

Jerry Rock recently joined Medallion as the Executive Director, however, he has been with the Foundation since its inception either as a Board Member for Medallion or for Alaska Air Carriers.  With 35 years of aviation experience, Mr. Rock has spent 20 of those years in management of highly successful aviation companies in Alaska.

Mr. Rock has managed multi-million dollar international aviation operations (in Africa, South America, the Philippines, and the U.S.), expanded operations, lead corporate diversification into new markets, and consistently increased revenues.

Jerry began his aviation career at Wien Air as base manager at St. Mary’s, then worked for Alaska Helicopters, Columbia Helicopters, and Evergreen Aviation. He has guided both fixed wing and rotor wing international operations, and has lived in Alaska for 40 years, working first in bush Alaska and serving in aviation companies whose names are synonymous with Alaska’s aviation industry.