Greg Twist, Auditor

Greg Twist learned to fly in 1972. After frightening enough instructors and insurance carriers he says he became a flight instructor at a small field in Maryland. He worked in many varied jobs and aircraft; flying charter, corporate, crop dusting, banner towing, night mail, cancelled check transfers, mapping and advertising.
Until the middle 70’s when he went to work for a commuter airline in Cumberland Maryland, flying the Navajo and Beech 99. He then left to work for Mountain Air Cargo, operating Beech 18s, 99s, Turbine 18s and Twin Otters.
In the early 80’s he went to work for Orion Air; flying 727s under contract to UPS, Emery, Burlington Northern and Purolator. He flew as a fight engineer, FO and finally Captain and Check Airman on that aircraft. Greg was hired by Federal Express in February of 1990, where he flew the 727 as an engineer and FO for four years. He later transitioned to the MD11 and flew as an FO and subsequently a Simulator Check airman until upgrading to Captain in 1997.
He enjoyed a storied career at FedEx (though many he says can’t be told in polite company) for 25 years. He retired at the end of 2014 and joined the Medallion team as an auditor in late 2016.