SMS Basic (2 day course)

11/29/2017 - 11/30/2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Columbia Helicopters

Medallion Foundation’s Safety Management System (SMS) Course provides an overview of the fundamentals of SMS, from the origin in ICAO mandates to the prescriptions incumbent in the FAA’s pending directives. Attendees will learn how the SMS concept developed, become familiar with the terms and mechanics of implementation, and understand the many benefits that come with effectively managing safety programs. The Four Components of SMS (Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management [SRM], Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion) are discussed in detail, to facilitate understanding and program implementation in the attendees’ organizations.  Information management, a key element of a functional SMS, is also explained and alternatives discussed.

Founded in the principles of System Safety, SMS takes the next step in the progression by defining the specific management functions, activities, and processes which must be accomplished to ensure compliance with ICAO mandates. A comprehensive discussion of hazard identification and risk assessment is used as a basis for understanding the Safety Risk Management (SRM) process and how it forms the foundation of SMS. Techniques for risk mitigation and control and management of change are also explored. To ensure understanding and applicability, multiple case study examples derived from a real world aircraft accident are used to illustrate key points.

To enable practical application and give attendees tools to take back to their organizations, the course concludes with a workshop session enabling attendees to apply the principles and concepts discussed earlier in the day to fabricate a model SMS program.

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