Available Courses


If you do not see a class listed, please contact The Medallion Foundation at 907.743.8050 to discuss training options tailored to fit your needs.  Course pricing is listed with expanded detail.

Crew and Single Pilot Resource Management

CRM CockpitDriven by recent regulation, training for smaller operators under part 135 now requires pilots and flight attendents to take initial and recurrent crew resource management training.  Medallion provides training in the key concepts and elements of CRM and SPRM via an on-line course.   Our CRM course has been approved by the FAA for inclusion in part 135 training programs.  A Training Syllabus is available to incorporate into your training program for submittal to the FAA.  Discounts available for bulk purchases by contacting Medallion.

Register any time to take this course from anywhere.  This three hour course can be taken when you want.  And if you are interrupted, you can pick right back up where you left off.  Visit Medallion's Learning Center today to get started.

Flight Risk Management for Managers

Taught on an individual or as a small class basis, this half-day course helps operational managers develop a flight risk management program and tool for use by their pilots and flight dispatchers or flight followers.  Required for Shield Operation Control Program, other operators will find this course beneficial in understanding and developing a strong hazard identification and risk management program for their own operational control needs.  The end result will be a Flight Risk Assessment Tool that works for your area of operations and your particular flight environment.  Contact Medallion to schedule.  There is no fee for this course.

Off Airport Operations 

Designed specifically to measure and develop decision making skills for off-airport operations, our Off-Airport Operations training provides a unique addition to scenario based training.  Unique testing opportunites are available for every level of pilot:  Student, Private, Instrument, Commercial or Instructor.  

Pre- and post-flight tests are usable by instructors to reinforce unique simulator and ATD scenarios for any type of off-airport or remote type of operations.  Students take the pre-test and with your flight instructor, evaluate and review the results of the test.  After flight training is completed, students take a post-test to demonstrate the effectiveness of the learning.  A certificate of completion is provided to successful students.

This training is available on-line through the Medallion Learning Center.  Our staff may also be able to help you with building flight scenarios for your ATD or simulator.  Contact us for further information.

Safety Manager Basics

This course is designed to teach an aviation safety manager how to stay compliant with the numerous regulatory requirements and agencies that have an interest in the business of aviation safety.

Safety Management System Basics

Building on the concepts and tools introduced in System Safety, this one-day course adds inthe additional components required to implement a full SMS into your organization.  The course includes information on national initiatives, FAA proposed requirements, scope and scaling of an SMS, development and implementation, tools and process measurements.  Completion of this course will provide a basis from which an SMS program can be developed.  Group involvement and practical exercises will be used to further illustrate the concepts introduced in class.  This course is now required of all Shield Program managers.  It replaces Medallion's System Safety class requirement.

 TapRooT® Initial

Lean how to use the TapRooT® tools to drill down the root cause of an accident, incident, or as a means to mitigate potential problems when adding a new operation or function to your operations.  This course is only available to Medallion Shield participants. 

TapRooT® Review Workshop

A one-day practical workshop provides hand on experience and review of the tools and techniques introduced in TapRooT® Initial.  This class is only available to Medallion Shield® participants.  Prerequisite of TapRooT® Initial required.