Our Aviation Training Devices (ATDs) and Simulators provide student pilots and certificated pilots the opportunity to practice and hone their skills against some of the toughest Alaska flying scenarios.
Medallion Foundation Shield Program focuses on establishing and sustaining an elevated level of safety performance through the application of system safety and safety management system principles.
A self-directed course through Medallion's on-line Learning Center. Both Initial and Recurrent training courses are available.
Medallion offers aviation safety auditing services to an assortment of industries that utilize aircraft to support their mission, as well as to air carriers.
The mission of the Medallion Foundation

is to reduce aviation accidents

by fostering a proactive safety culture and promoting higher safety standards through one-on-one mentoring, research, education, training, auditing and advocacy.

Please note our minimum enrollment for classes is six attendees. Courses will be cancelled two weeks prior if minimum enrollment is not filled. For further information on our refund and cancellation policy, click here.

SMS Basics
Start date: 06/01/2015 - 06/02/2015
Location: Nome
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Palmer State Fair
Start date: 08/27/2015 - 09/07/2015
Location: Palmer
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January 7, 2015. The FAA and the Department of Transportation jointly announced today the approval of the final SMS rule, 14 CFR Part 5. The following dates are relevant to part 121 operators, based on publication into the Federal Register and any unforseen delays.

The effective date for the final SMS rule is March 9, 2015. Carriers must hve their SMS Implementation Plan to the FAA no later than September 9, 2015. The FAA must approve the Implementation Plan by March 9, 2016. Full SMS implementation must occur by March 9, 2018.

A copy of the full 80-page document can be found at this FAA link.

Medallion is always available to work with opertaors to develop and implement their SMS program through our SMS Sheild Program, whether part 121, 135, 91 or 125. Further information is available on our website through the Shield Program link or by contacting us directly at info@medallionfoundation.org.

The Medallion Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting aviation safety through systems enhancements by providing management resources, training, and support to the aviation community. Our mission of reducing aviation accidents is fostered by research, analysis, education, auditing, and advocacy.   More →